2020 InLiquid.org Interface update

In coordination with the 20th anniversary rebranding of InLiquid, we undertook a large update to the visual front end of InLiquid.org. First and foremost was as shift in the tone from a dominant black accent, to a dominant white one.

Additional Major upgrades included:

  • Rebuilding the layouts for the community calendar to allow for better filtering and navigation of the extensive calendar that is supported.
  • Updating the opportunities section to arrange by nearest deadline
  • Changed functionality to archive exhibition spaces that are no longer current
  • A new layout for artist page headers to move portfolios closer to the head of each page.
  • A new previous/next navigation to move alphabetically through artist pages.
  • Improved availability of the social media links across device sizes.

The live version of all changes is available at InLiquid.org.

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